Livestock leads and pet leashes

Available for sale, custom orders accepted

I can see why retractable leashes and leads have an appeal. Sometimes you are walking with a no-nonsense animal that just walks with you and you give them more lead, other times you need your animal close up to you for training or if a whole groups of kids on bikes are oncoming (I’ve seen my kids ride their bikes, I know it looks like a pack of wild wolves coming straight at you). But the plastic feel of retractable pieces of flimsy fabric really doesn’t do it for me. So I set out to find an alternative…

20190123_080814 (2)


We make and sell these leashes, as it’s the only type that have worked well for us.

They have steel rings evenly spaced along the length of the rope with clips on both ends. The rings make this leash adjustable, and they also double as plastic doggie bag holders.

The rope is made of braided strands of paracord. The length is approximately 6′ total.

You can order the items pictured here, or we can custom make one for you.


As pictured:

  • 1 metal clip on each end
  • 4 standard steel rings
  • 4 doubled-up strands of paracord
  • Half-knot design on one end

Custom options:

  • Replace metal clips with carabiners (free)
  • Add length (+$2 per ft)
  • Add rings (+$1 each)
  • Add reflective paracord (+$3 per strand)
  • Increased thickness (+$2) <–great for llamas, alpacas, horses, and goats
  • Decreased thickness (-$2) <– great for cats and chickens


Standard leash – contact us for color and custom choices




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